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Registering an Account

Opening an Book Kit Reservation account couldn't be easier. Simply complete the online form and you're instantly ready to begin making reservations. Please remember that you will need a valid Sno-Isle Libraries card to officially check out your requested materials at your local library.

Making a Reservation

Before you make a reservation you must be registered and be logged in to the system. Browse through the materials and click the 'Reserve kit' button. Choose your preferred reservation date and a library where you'd like to pick up your materials, then click the confirm reservation button.

Changing a Reservation

Click on the "My Reservations," link in the top right corner of the page and find your desired reservation. Click the "Change," link. A "Reserve" page will load, showing you the available dates. Simply choose a new date and click, "Confirm Reservation." The system will create a new reservation for you and cancel your old reservation automatically.

Canceling a Reservation

Click on the, "My Reservations," link and find your reservation. Click the, "Cancel," link. A confirmation window will appear. Click, "Confirm." Your reservation is canceled and the material is instantly returned to inventory for another customer to reserve. Please note: A reservation cannot be canceled once it is in transit or has been delivered to your library. If at least one of the books in your requested discussion kit is not picked up after 10 days the reservation will be canceled and the materials returned to the distribution center. Please call your library if you no longer need the materials.

System E-Mail Notices

The system will automatically communicate with you via e-mail. Make sure your e-mail program will accept mail from the domain. The system currently sends reservation confirmations and upcoming reservation reminders.


The nature of this reservation system is different from the system that Sno-Isle uses for traditional library materials. With this system people are allowed to reserve items for specific dates. For this reason we cannot allow renewals – someone may have it reserved!

How the Dates Work

Each book kit can be reserved for two calendar months. All reservations begin on the first of a month. This allows you to pick up the material during the first month, hold your discussion and return the books by the end of the second month. We also allow one month of time at the end of the reservation for processing and inventorying each book kit so it will be ready for the next reservation. Because of this, each kit is taken out of inventory for three months for each request.

Picking Up Materials

Materials are ready for pick up on the first of the month or the next working day at your local library. Materials are available for pick up for the first 27 days of the month. Please call your library directly if you no longer want your requested materials or if you have questions. When picking up your materials you have two options: You can check out all 10 books in the kit as individual items and distribute them to your group members or you can check out one book and let others in your group check out their own copies. Please note that you will need a valid Sno-Isle library card to check out books.

Returning Materals

Materials can be returned to any Sno-Isle Library. Unlike regular library materials that get delivered to waiting patrons when returned these materials are reserved by customers for specific dates. We ask that you please return book kits promptly so that others can receive these items on their reserved dates.

Loan Period

The loan period for book discussion kits is for two calendar months, always beginning on the first of a month. This allows you time to pick up the kits, read the books and discuss and return the materials.

Personal Assistance from a Staff Member

To make changes to your library account or with questions about book kits or other library materials please contact us.